757 Designer & Makeup Artist Monnica Johnson better known in my home town as "Miss FaBB" she is always eager to share to all her Divas her newest discoveries and creations whether in makeup or fashion. "I have loved makeup since the day I could say it, playing in my moms pumps & mascara this has been the most delightful hobby turned business I have been involved in. I have traveled & met so many,learning more & more. I'm glad to have you apart of my webpage & wish you the best experience in your purchases. Not only has makeup been my passion my LOVE for originality makes this creativeness grow even bigger for epic exclusiveness to come and even better yet to come after that. Not only handmade & handpicked trinkets including but NOT limited apparel for men,woman and children but also outerwear like sunglasses. Custom options are also available feel free to visit official website for other products & services online @ www.shesfab.com or text your order (757) 753 0124

Stay True Stay You Stay FaBB Smooches